Noodle making workshop with ramen tasting

Fee 5,000 yen each (tax included)
Time Approx. 50 minutes
Maximum number of participants 6 people
Minimum number of participants 2people (1day)
Reservation Please make a reservation via our website.
Note Please bring your own towels and aprons. (Rental towel/apron available at the workshop)

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about reservation

Q.Do I need a reservation to participate in the workshop?

A.A reservation must be made beforehand to participate in the workshop. You can participate on the day without advanced reservation if the workshop has places available. Please call us to inquire.

Q.How can I change or cancel my reservation?

A.To change your reservation, cancel it and make another reservation. You can cancel your reservation on the reservation page of this website.

Q.How much is the cancellation charge?

A.Please pay 50% of the participation fee if you cancel your reservation 3 days to 1 day prior to the workshop, and 100% if you have to cancel on the day.

Questions about ingredients

Q.What are the ingredients of the noodles used for the tasting?

A.The noodles are made of wheat flour. We can offer vegetarian and non-meat-non-fish menus for the tasting sessions.

Questions regarding children

Q.Can children participate in the workshop?

A.Children aged 5 and older can participate in the workshop. Children under 5 cannot participate. The Japanese-style room in the workshop is open and available for them to wait.

Questions about the facility.

Q.Can I use a wheelchair in the workshop?

A.Yes, you can. Still, there are many ramps inside as we have refurbished an old house and turned it into our workshop.

Q.Is there a parking lot for the participants?

A.We do not have a parking lot at the workshop but there are self-service pay parking lots nearby.