What happens at the Workshop

Add brine

The instructor explains the steps of workshop and important points when making ramen noodles. After the explanation, you then pour water into the noodle-making machine.

Mix and knead the two kinds of flour

Mix the two kinds of flour to make the dough and knead it. (No need to worry here as the machine is very proficient at kneading!)

Roll out the dough into sheets

Roll out the noodle dough into sheets. If you can roll into uniform sheets then you are an expert! Repeating this process three times will make the noodle more ‘chewy.’

Sprinkle some flour on the sheets of noodle dough

Sprinkle some flour on the sheets so that the noodles will not stick to each other.

Cut the noodles

This is the final step of the process of making ramen noodles. The machine cuts the sheets of noodle dough into strips. The noodle strips emerge from the machine continuously and at quite a high rate, so you must waste no time in collecting and neatly bundling them.

Taste different noodles

Compare the taste of just-made ramen noodles in three different thicknesses. Can you find the differences in the taste and texture?

Eat ramen

Finally, time to eat ramen! Please enjoy just-cooked ramen by the chef at Musoshin Gion Shop.