Make your own ramen noodles at an authentic ramen restaurant in Gion

“Musoshin” is a ramen restaurant visited by around 6,000 people each month.
You can enjoy making Musoshin’s homemade noodles, the essence of “Musoshin ramen,” with the assistance of our skilled Menshokunin ‘noodle chefs,’ at our workshop located in Gion, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kyoto.
You can also enjoy our popular menu item, after your noodle-making session.

About “Musoshin”

“Musoshin” is a ramen restaurant which has three shops: Kameoka (our main shop), Gion in Kyoto and Takatsuki in Osaka. The shop in Gion, which is a popular tourist area, is a well-known attraction to foreign tourists. Here you can enjoy the superb combination of a rich, thick vegetable-blended soup and fresh homemade ramen noodles.

Homemade noodles

Being very particular about noodles, we have focused on developing our own homemade noodles since we started. The choicest flour varieties are blended and matured for an ever-so-slightly chewy yet smooth texture; one which we think well matches our soups.


Cooked with a lot of vegetables, our soup is thick and rich-flavored, and yet mild and smooth.

Made in Kyoto

From our Gion shop only, “Black Ramen” is made of black sesame produced by “Gion Murata.” Set on each table are spices made by “Hararyokaku.” They are both long-established in Kyoto. We also use rice made in Kyotamba, Kyoto.